The Queer Bundle is an LGBTQ+ inclusive photo and video wedding package by Queers for the Queers

The Queer Bundle

We've joined together with some of the best Queer photographers & videographers we know, to bring you this amazing package to cover your LGBTQ+ Wedding in the best way

What You’ll Receive:

You’ll get everything from our full day packages (see here), plus….

  • A full photo gallery, including x1 professional photographer and x1 hybrid photographer/videographer and images edited in our signature style
  • 1 fully professional videographer & drone pilot, with video options that capture your day perfectly
  • Half Day you will receive Highlights Film (up to 10 mins) & a Full Photo Gallery
  • Full Day you will receive a Highlights Reel (up to 2 mins) & Feature Film (up to 25 mins) and a Full Photo Gallery

Who We Are:

  • 3 professional LGBTQ+ photographers & videographers
  • LGBTQ+ focused & Queer owned
  • Trans Ally's
  • We work great together as a trio, so you’ll get the best images and videos
  • Advocates and ally’s to the whole community, doing more to make the Wedding industry more inclusive
  • You can feel safe, comfortable and have 3 of your biggest cheerleaders that understand and LOVES your love story

Starting From £2800 for half a day (up to 5 hours coverage)

£4200 for full day (up to 10-12 hours coverage)

Please note, we are happy to travel anywhere within UK & Europe (even internationally) - travel expenses will apply. Get in touch to discuss!

Queer Proposal

So you're thinking of popping the big Q!? How flipping exciting!

Be surrounded by 3 of your biggest Queer Cheerleaders as you ask your person that special question.

What You’ll Receive:

  • 30 mins - 1 hour photoshoot
  • A full photo gallery, including x2 professional photographers to capture multiple angles meaning not a single moment is missed, with images edited in our signature styles
  • 1 fully professional videographer & drone pilot, with video options that capture your moment perfectly

What We Offer:

  • A variety of different options such as hidden proposals, couples shoots that turn into a surprise proposal, hiding in plain sight proposals etc.
  •  Options for us to help advise on a plan on how to/where to do the proposal


LGBTQ+ Photographer & Videographer enjoying herself at Bristol Pride
Queer Photographer proudly holding the Bisexual Flag at Bristol Pride
LGBTQ+ Videographer telling protesters at Pride where to go!!!
Non Binary Trans Mast person proposing to their lover at Exbury Gardens in Hampshire, UK
Two LGBTQ+ Brides smiling at each other holding their bouquets in the air